Taste Test – Winter Seasonal Beers

Taste Test - Winter Seasonal Beers
I conducted a blind taste test with four friends to try some of the many winter seasonal beers.  I knew which beer was served each round, but the other four tasters did not.  Before the tasting began, I read the 2015 BJCP style guidelines for Winter Seasonal Beers (30C) out loud and I asked everyone to rate the beers based on that definition. None of us are big fans of this style of beer, but we all enjoy Anchor’s Christmas Ale so I did not include that beer.

Tasting OrderMikeAndrewJessieJohnEllenAvg RatingRank
1Berghoff Brewery - Winter AleB-B-BC+BB-3
2Alaskan Brewing Company - Winter AleCC-DCC+C-6
3Boston Beer Company - Samuel Adams Winter LagerC+B-BB+B-B-2
4Harpoon Brewery - Winter WarmerCC-CB-C+C5
5Summit Brewing Company - Summit Winter AleB+BCCC+C+4
6Goose Island Beer Company - Goose Winter AleC+A-CBB+B-1


  • Even the highest rated beer (Goose Island’s Winter Ale) only received a C+ average rating, and only one person gave any of the beers a rating in the A range.
  • The names for these winter seasonal beers aren’t very creative. Four beers named Winter Ale? Winter Lager and Winter Warmer are not very exciting either.

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