Macro Taste Test – Standard American Adjunct Lagers

Macro Taste Test

I conducted a blind taste test with four friends to determine the best macro Standard American Adjunct Lager.  I knew which beer was served each round, but the other four tasters did not.  Before the tasting began, I read the 2008 BJCP style guidelines for a Standard American Lager out loud and I asked everyone to rate the beers based on that definition.

Tasting Notes:

1. Coors
– Andrew: Smells like a college party.

2. Leinenkugel’s Original
– John: Cellary, hops more apparent.
– Andrew: Musty.

3. Miller Genuine Draft
– John: No aroma, vegetal, funky malt in the end.
– Nick: Similar to walking on a sticky bar floor.

4. Miller High Life
– John: Smell of the last beer, but amplified and more palatable.
– Andrew: Bready.

5. Pabst Blue Ribbon
– Andrew: Inoffensive.
– John: Watery.

6. Hamm’s
– John: Yellowish flavor (he recognized Hamm’s right away).
– Andrew: Slight metallic flavor, maltier than the others, slightly astringent.

7. Budweiser
– John: Sweet syrupy smell.
– Andrew: The aroma is more toward the unpleasant side. Higher end of carbonation.

8. Schlitz
– John: Noble hops, balanced.

Tasting OrderMikeEllenJohnAndrewNickAvg RatingRank
2Leinenkugel’s OriginalBBB+CBB-2
3Miller Genuine DraftC-D+D+DC-D+8
4Miller High LifeC+B-C+C+CC+5
5Pabst Blue RibbonC-C+C-CBC6 (Tie)
7BudweiserCBC+D+C-C6 (Tie)

Winner: Schlitz.  The beer that made Milwaukee famous was everybody’s favorite beer (except Ellen, who chose it as her second favorite). Schlitz was the only beer with truly noticeable hops and that helped set it apart from the rest and make it our clear winner.

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