Wisconsin Brewing Company – Tmave’ Pivo

A clear plastic solo cup filled with deep copper beer sits on a round black table outside. In the background is green grass, bushes, and trees along with a pond with blue water.

Wisconsin Brewing Company – Tmave’ Pivo

Czech Dark Lager
Brewed in: Verona, Wisconsin
2021 BJCP Style: 3D – Czech Dark Lager
ABV: 5.2%
On Tap
Tasting on: 10/8/22
Tasting location: Wisconsin Brewing Company
Glass: Clear Solo
Notes: A special release for the 5th Annual Pumpkin Chuck at the brewery.

Aroma: Moderate bread crust, light yeast, light hop character. 8/12

Appearance: Deep copper with good clarity. Off-white to light tan head with good retention. 3/3

Flavor: Moderate hop bitterness. Moderate bread crust. Mostly dry. Clean. Light lingering bitterness in aftertaste. 15/20

Mouthfeel: Medium body with slight creaminess. Moderate carbonation. 4/5

Overall Impression: The bitterness and bread crust balance each other well. 7/10

Final Score: 37/50 – B+

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