St. James’s Gate Brewery – Guinness 0

Guinness 0 Zero Non-Alcoholic

St. James’s Gate Brewery – Guinness 0

Irish Stout
Brewed in: Dublin, Ireland
2021 BJCP Style: 15B – Irish Stout
ABV: 0.0%
Tasting on: 4/23/23
Glass: Nonic

Aroma: Moderate yeast initially. Mild dark chocolate, hint of caramel. Light tanginess. 7/12

Appearance: Very dark brown to black. Ruby with moderate clarity when held to light. Long lasting, off-white head that is creamy with tiny bubbles. 3/3

Flavor: Low coffee, hint of perceived cream sweetness. Less dark roasted character than Guinness Draught. Light tanginess. Low-moderate bitterness with hint of hop character. Dry overall but not bone dry like Guinness Draught. Aftertaste fades fast with a light bubblegum character, low dark roast, and a hint of grain sweetness. 12/20

Mouthfeel: Creamy, smooth. Light to medium body. Well carbonated. Very similar to Guinness Draught. 4/5

Overall Impression: A mostly convincing N/A version of Guinness. Compared to Guinness Draught, it has a hint of sweetness, is slightly less roasty, and has a shorter aftertaste. Missing the bone dry character of Guinness Draught. 6/10

Final Score: 32/50 – B-

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