Athletic Brewing Company – All Out

On the left is a snifter glass filled with a very dark brown beer with a light tan head. On the right is a dark blue can with white cloud graphics at the bottom and an orange crescent moon in the middle. The text reads from top to bottom non-alcholic brew, contains less than 0.5% alcohol by volume, Craft Brews, Athletic Brewing Company, All Out, Extra Dark.

Athletic Brewing Company – All Out

Extra Dark Beer (Athletic’s website says this is “stout-inspired”)
Brewed in: Milford, Connecticut or San Diego, California
ABV: < 0.5%
IBU: 15
Malts: Vienna Malt, Malted Barley, Oats, Wheat
Canned on: 11/28/22
Tasting on: 1/21/23
Glass: Snifter

Aroma: Low-moderate dark chocolate. Low-moderate citrus and earthy hops. Hint of smokiness. Low-moderate marshmallow as the beer warms. 7/12

Appearance: Very dark brown. Opaque. Light tan head with good retention. 3/3

Flavor: Low dark roasted malt background with notes of dark chocolate and coffee. Low-moderate hop bitterness. Light citrus and earthy hop character. Light smoke. Balance is toward the bitterness of the hops and malt. Flavor is subtle overall. Mostly dry. Aftertaste fades fast with low dark malt and citrus hop flavor. 12/20

Mouthfeel: Smooth/silky. Medium body. Moderate carbonation. 4/5

Overall Impression: The dark malt is a little too subtle but it works well with the hop bitterness and light citrus/earthy hop character. 7/10

Final Score: 33/50

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