Untitled Art – Italian Style Pils NA

Untitled Art - Italian Style Pils NA

Untitled Art – Italian Style Pils NA

Italian Style Pils
Brewed in: Waunakee, Wisconsin
2021 BJCP Style: 5D – German Pils
ABV: < 0.5% (Non-Alcoholic)
Hops: Hallertau Mittelfruh, Strata
Canned on: 11/8/21
Tasting on: 1/30/22
Tasting location:
Glass: Pilsner
Notes: Untitled Art’s website says “An Italian Pilsner is a hoppier version to your standard Pilsner”

Aroma: Moderate-high orange hop aroma initially that moves into moderate lemon. Medium-low spicy and floral hop aroma. Very low light malt background. 8/12

Appearance: Very good clarity, slight haze. Bright white head with large to fine bubbles and excellent retention. 2/3

Flavor: Light orange, medium spicy, and minor grassy hop character. Moderate-high hop bitterness. Low light malt background. Dry and clean. Balance is well toward bitterness. Moderate grassy hop flavor and medium hop bitterness in the aftertaste, which fades quickly. 15/20

Mouthfeel: Medium-light body. Moderate-high carbonation. 4/5

Overall Impression: A classic Pils taste and aroma with the interesting addition of orange hop character. Dry and clean. Would benefit from a longer lasting aftertaste. 7/10

Final Score: 36/50 B

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