Delta Beer Lab KSR.06 Blackberry Cobbler Gose

Delta Beer Lab KSR 06 Blackberry Cobbler Gose

Delta Beer Lab KSR.06 Blackberry Cobbler Gose

Blackberry Cobbler Gose
Brewed in: Madison, Wisconsin
2015 BJCP Style: 27 – Historical Beer:Gose
ABV: 4.4%
Canned on: 10/20/20
Tasting on: 12/20/20
Glass: Tulip

Aroma: Moderate blackberry, light lemon. Minor pale malt. Impression of tartness and sweetness. Light “sea breeze” saltiness. No noticeable hop character. 9/12

Appearance: Pink to orange, looks like grapefruit. Very hazy. Large white head with fine bubbles and excellent retention. 3/3

Flavor: Moderately tart. Light blackberry, moderate lemon and grapefruit, minor peach, salt, and dark sugar. A hint of maple syrup in the background. Minor pale malt and no noticeable hop character. Balance is toward tartness, which continues into the aftertaste along with low-moderate pale malt, minor dark sugar, light sourness, and light citrus. 14/20

Mouthfeel: Light-medium body. High carbonation. No warming alcohol. 4/5

Overall Impression: Quite complex aroma and flavor that definitely gives a sense of a blackberry cobbler. The additional flavors/aromas work well with the gose base style. 7/10

Final Score: 37/50 B

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