Untitled Art – Pink Lemonade IPA

Untitled Art - Pink Lemonade IPA

Untitled Art – Pink Lemonade IPA

IPA with fruit
Brewed in: Waunakee, Wisconsin
On Tap at Octopi Brewing
Tasting on: 1/29/20

Aroma: Overtones of strong pink lemonade, specifically grapefruit and sweetness. Undertones of sourness. 9.5/10

Appearance: Pink to gold, hazy. Very light pink head with small bubbles and good retention. 9/10

Flavor: Light sourness in the beginning. The middle has moderate grapefruit character and is dry but includes an impression of light sweetness. High tartness with continuing moderate grapefruit character in the end. A dry aftertaste with medium tartness. 17/20

Mouthfeel: Medium-light body. Moderate carbonation. No alcohol. 8/10

Overall Impression: While the beer isn’t very hoppy or bitter, it is very tart and certainly gives the impression of pink lemonade without being sweet. 42.5/50

Final Score: 86% B-

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