2nd Shift Brewing – Bridget

2nd Shift Brewing - Bridget

2nd Shift Brewing – Bridget

Brett Beer with Guava
Brewed in: St. Louis, Missouri
ABV: 5.4%
Canned on: 5/26/20
Tasting on: 10/11/20
Glass: Tulip

Aroma: Moderate guava and Brett character. Light banana and sweet-tart. Low/no hop character. Nice complexity. 10/12

Appearance: Deep straw to golden color with moderate haze. White head with fine to small bubbles and good retention. 3/3

Flavor: High tartness with light Brett funkiness and a light guava background. Dry. Light, neutral pale malt. Low-no hop bitterness or flavor. Balance is all toward the tartness. The aftertaste has medium tartness, moderate guava, and light banana. 17/20

Mouthfeel: Medium-light body. Moderate carbonation. No hot alcohol. 4/5

Overall Impression: A harmonious blend of Brett character and guava provides a tart, lightly funky beer with a tropical fruit background. 9/10

Final Score: 43/50 A-

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