Owl’s Brew Radler – Short and Stout

Owl's Brew Radler - Short and Stout

Owl’s Brew Radler – Short and Stout

Stout brewed with cocoa nibs and blended with masala chai tea, pineapple juice, coconut water, and agave nectar
Brewed in: Stevens Point, Wisconsin
2015 BJCP Style:
ABV: 5%
Canned on: 7/18/17
Tasting on: 3/11/18
Glass: Stout

Aroma: Overtones of minor cocoa, notes of cinnamon and spiciness. Undertones of moderate tropical fruit, mainly pineapple. Reminds me of spiced cinnamon bread. 9/10

Appearance: Dark brown with low clarity. There were some floating pieces, but that could be from the age. Light tan head with good retention and medium to fine bubbles. 8/10

Flavor: Minor pineapple and a hint of cocoa in the beginning. The middle is quite sweet but not cloying, with a background of spices including ginger. Strong pineapple and acidity in the end. Pineapple lingers in the aftertaste with notes of cocoa. 16/20

Mouthfeel: Medium body that is slightly creamy, low-moderate carbonation, no alcohol. 8/10

Overall Impression: A light bodied stout with pineapple juice and a background of masala spices. The beer would benefit from being drier, because the sweetness detracts. 39.5/50

Final Score: 81% = C

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