Krombacher Brauerei – Weizen Non-Alcoholic


Krombacher Brauerei - Weizen Non-Alcoholic

Krombacher BrauereiWeizen Non-Alcoholic

Brewed in: Kreuztal, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
2015 BJCP Style: 10A. Weissbier
ABV: < 0.5%
Best By Date: 9/7/16
Tasting on: 2/26/16
Glass: Wheat

Aroma: Overtones of spicy light-moderate noble hops. Undertones of mild banana and wheat dough. 8.5/10

Appearance: Hazy deep gold with light gold and orange highlights. Strong persistant off-white head. 8.5/10

Flavor: Moderate hop bitterness in the beginning followed by a mild doughy (wheat) sweetness in the middle. Minor banana in the end. Mild hop bitterness and wheat sweetness fade too quickly in the aftertaste. 16.5/20

Mouthfeel: Soft, with a medium body and moderate-high carbonation. 8.5/10

Overall Impression: The sweetness and mild banana flavors are complemented by the spicy hops. A true-to-style hefeweizen. 42.5/50

Final Score: 85% = B-

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