Capital Brewery – Dark Doppelbock

Capital Brewery - Dark Doppelbock

Capital BreweryDark Doppelbock

Brewed in: Middleton, Wisconsin
2015 BJCP Style: 9A. Doppelbock
ABV: 7.8%
Bottled on: 10/27/15
Tasting on: 3/31/16
Glass: Pilsner

Aroma: Malty overtones with Maillard products and hints of caramel and burnt sugar.  Undertones of minor floral hops. 8/10

Appearance: Deep amber to brown with excellent clarity. Light tan head with good retention. 9/10

Flavor: Clean maltiness in the beginning followed by a moderately sweet middle that still has an impression of attenuation. The end is rich and malty with low hop bitterness. Sweetness and minor caramel linger in the aftertaste. 17/20

Mouthfeel: Medium-full body with moderate carbonation, minor warming alcohol. 8/10

Overall Impression: Rich, malty and moderately sweet but still with an impression of attenuation. 45/50

Final Score: 87% = B

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