Sixpoint Brewery – Hi-Res IIIPA 2015

Sixpoint Brewery - Hi-Res IIIPA 2015

Sixpoint BreweryHi-Res IIIPA 2015

BJCP Style: 14C. Imperial IPA
ABV: 10.5%
IBU: 115
Best By Date: 7/10/15
Tasting on: 2/13/15
Glass: Snifter

Aroma: Overtones of citrus and grassy hops.  Undertones of dank and grapefruit hops.  8.5/10

Appearance: Deep gold with excellent clarity.  White head. 8/10

Flavor: Bitterness in the beginning, followed by tropical hops in the middle. A moderate malt background provides sweetness and some contrast in the end, but mild astringency is present as well. Tropical hops and pineapple flavors dominate the aftertaste.  16/20

Mouthfeel: Medium body with moderate carbonation. Some harsh alcohol. 7/10

Overall Impression: For a brewery that makes many good hopped-up beers, this is an average Imperial IPA with a so-so hop profile and some harsh alcohol. 40/50

Final Score: 80%

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