Lagunitas Brewing Company – NightTime

Lagunitas Brewing Company - NightTime

Lagunitas Brewing CompanyNightTime

Black IPA
ABV: 7.9%
IBU: 74
Bottled on: 1/21/15
Tasting on: 2/12/15
Glass: Snifter

Aroma: Overtones of clean citrus and dank hops.  Undertones of mesquite when allowed to warm.  9.5/10

Appearance: Black. Tan head with fine bubbles. 9/10

Flavor: Quick dank and citrus hops at the beginning followed by chocolate and dark roasted malts in the middle. Pine and resin hops come in at the end while dark malt adds some contrasting bitterness. The pine hops linger in the aftertaste on a faded chocolate background. Mesquite flavors show up as the beer warms. 19/20

Mouthfeel: Medium body with moderate carbonation. No alcohol. 9/10

Overall Impression: An excellent hop profile that is balanced well by a complex malt profile not typically seen in a Black IPA. 49/50

Final Score: 96%

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