Schell’s – Fresh Hop Equinox Pilsner

Schell's - Fresh Hop Equinox Pilsner

Schell’sFresh Hop Equinox Pilsner

Pilsner with Equinox hops
BJCP Style:  2A. German Pilsner (Pils)
ABV: 5%
Best By Date: 2/4/15
Tasting on: 12/26/14
Glass: Pilsner

Aroma: Overtones of lager yeast and light malt. Undertones of mild, floral hops. 8/10

Appearance: Light golden body with white head. Excellent clarity. 9/10

Flavor: Subdued hops begin the beer, with floral and dank tones present, along with a hint of malt sharpness. Crisp “German Pilsner” flavor shows up in the middle, along with a bit of malt sweetness, before hops return in the end. Pilsner flavor lingers on in the aftertaste as minor malt sweetness and hops fade away. 16/20

Mouthfeel: Medium. Moderate-high carbonation. No alcohol. 9/10

Overall Impression: A good German-style pilsner with an interesting but not uncharacteristic hop profile. 43/50

Final Score: 85%

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