Milwaukee Brewing Company – Polish Moon Milk Stout

Milwaukee Brewing Company - Polish Moon Milk Stout

Milwaukee Brewing CompanyPolish Moon Milk Stout

Milk Stout
BJCP Style: Sweet Stout
ABV: 4.5%
IBU: 21
Best By Date: 2/25/15
Tasting on: 10/10/14
Glass: Stemmed Stout

Aroma: A mild overtone of creamy chocolate with notes of sweetness and tanginess. The undertone allows a bit of hops to show through. 8/10

Appearance: Mostly black body with hues of dark brown on the edges.  Properly carbonated with a well sustained, tan head.  9/10

Taste: A subtle beginning of dark roasted grains leads in to a middle of humble maltiness. Hops show up in the end and provide some bitterness before a pleasant tangy flavor takes over and lingers in the aftertaste. 16/20

Mouthfeel: Medium to medium-light body that is smooth and creamy with some alcohol as the beer warms. Medium carbonation. 8/10

Overall Impression: A lighter-bodied stout that is easy to drink, but does not provide a lot to get excited about. Surprisingly not sweet for a milk stout. Smooth and creamy, but lacking in standout flavors, this is a good every day stout with an interesting, tangy finish.  42/50

Final Score: 83%

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