Milwaukee Brewing Company – Hoptoberfest

Milwaukee Brewing Company - Hoptoberfest

Milwaukee Brewing CompanyHoptoberfest

BJCP Style: Oktoberfest/Märzen
ABV: 6.0%
IBU: 40
Best By Date: 12/19/14
Tasting on: 9/23/14
Glass: Pilsner

Aroma: Mild yeast aroma with a hint of hops.  None of the classic Oktoberfest “German” aroma is present 6/10

Appearance: In the pilsner glass, the color begins as a pale straw in the bottom while building in to a rich, orange amber at the top. Good clarity throughout. 9/10

Flavor: Hoptoberfest begins with mild hops that have neither earthiness nor citrus notes, but simply display an underlying bitterness.  The middle nicely balances slight sweetness with slight bitterness and reminds one of hopped wort.  Minor roasted malt flavors appear in the end and provide a bit of dryness, along with hints of orange.  The aftertaste continues the trend of light hops and occasionally gives hints of alcohol 16/20

Mouthfeel: Medium-light bodied, well carbonated and smooth throughout 9/10

Overall Impression: An interesting take on the Oktoberfest style for those looking for more bitterness.  This beer is missing the traditional “German taste” of an Oktoberfest, and that hurt it’s score, but it is not overly sweet like other American interpretations of the style, likely because of the balanced bitterness of the hops.  This beer tastes lighter than it looks and that is even more surprising considering the beer is 6% ABV.  A smooth, hoppier American take on an Oktoberfest. 44/50

Final Score: 84%

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