Hinterland – Winterland

Hinterland - Winterland


Porter with Juniper
ABV: 7.5%
Tasting on: 11/18/14
Glass: Stemmed Stout

Aroma: Subtle, sweet chocolate in the overtone, with bitter chocolate, dark roasted malt, and earthy hops in the undertone. 9/10

Appearance: Black with amber on the edges. Light tan head. 9/10

Flavor: Chocolate in the beginning followed by sharp dark roasted malt and coffee in the middle. Moderate hop bitterness and occasional spearmint flavors in the end, along with pickled notes and some tanginess. Bright, but minor, hop bitterness lingers on a background of milk chocolate in the aftertaste, along with occasional spearmint. 18/20

Mouthfeel: Medium-full body, moderate carbonation, no noticeable alcohol. 10/10

Overall Impression: A good seasonal porter. The juniper is not obvious, but it likely accounts for some of the interesting flavors that show up towards the end of the beer. 45/50

Final Score: 91%

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