Alt Brew – Madison, Wisconsin

Alt Brew - Sign Alt Brew - Fermentor Room Alt Brew - Beer Board Alt Brew - Beer

Date: 1/23/16

Location: Alt Brew – Madison, Wisconsin

Beers sampled:

Alt Brew – Rustic Badger – Farmhouse Ale

Alt Brew – Hollywood Nights – Blonde IPA

Alt Brew – Copperhead – Copper Ale

Notes: All Alt Brew beers are completely gluten-free and all are made on dedicated gluten-free equipment.  If I was not told that the beers I sampled were gluten-free, I would not have known.  The aroma, appearance, flavor and mouthfeel of each style matched that of beer brewed with barley, the only difference I noticed was that the gluten-free malt lingered less in the aftertaste.

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